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Lighthouse Power · Go Up by Light
Spring rains are continuous and drizzle is like silk. With the adjustment of epidemic prevention and control policies, the economy will enjoy huge opening dividends in 2023, and the vitality of foreign trade industry will be re-released. From February 28 to March 1, 2023, the Annual ceremony of "Lighthouse Power · Go Up by Light" for Alibaba International Station industry leaders Specialized, special and new (Little Giant) merchants was held in Hangzhou. Witnessed by more than 100 international merchants, Alibaba International Station focuses on high-quality buyers, high-quality supply growth and high-quality diversified services to help traditional foreign trade go digital and stimulate the road of transformation and upgrading. Shenzhen Eglobal Import and Export Co., LTD., as one of the representatives of Shenzhen industry leaders in the new year, was invited to attend and successfully concluded.

"The new industry leader will add the 'PRO' logo, which means' professional, 'and that's what every company in our mini computer space wants to do. At the same time Shenzhen Eglobal  Import and Export Co., LTD. Marketing director Coral Jiang also expressed the same view, "with the 'PRO' logo after the explicit, can match with more L3, L4 this higher level of customers, at the same time a complete story of the company's perfect after-sales service experience, to provide customers with professional quality assurance quality intimate mini computer after-sales service.
Coral Jiang, marketing director of Eglobal, is confident about the decision to join the industry leaders. In 2022, despite the huge uncertainties caused by the epidemic and external situation to China's foreign trade, the company has been gaining momentum. Through rich and effective industry leader exclusive services and buyers and sellers hierarchical precise matching harvest. Eglobal Mini PC Computer Company has many mini PC industry engineers. With a number of quality management system certifications, the company is dedicated to the design, development and production of mini PCS for  office, home HTPC ,gamging and industrial applications. Its mini size, zero noise, durability, high reliability, universal performance and low power requirements help users achieve a better computing experience at an effective cost.

This activity not only looks back to 2022, but also looks forward to 2023 under the theme of "Lighthouse Power, go up by Light", lighting a beacon for all companies on the road ahead, so that every company has direction, goals, plans and actions. Finally, the experience and difficulties of team building and echelon training were shared in this activity , allowing representatives of major industry leaders to discuss with each other and grow together.

Release Date: 03-09-2023 17:25:18 [Go back Menu]
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