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Learn About Mini PC
If u want to have a computer, U shoud have two Choice, The first is a bloated desktop, Or a convenient Notebook. But in our market, now some small size Mini pc computer have occured.  The stylish and compact shape design is very suitable for the preferences of young people, and it is more convenient to bring. Today we would like to talk about our Mini PC,It can combine portability and performance to meet the needs of specific users

Whats is Mini PC?
As the name suggests, Mini PC is small, Just like a book or Router, Save space. Mini PC also be called as Mini computer, Mini PC host, Thin client, Small PC, cloud terminal,Also some people would like to call it as desktop computer, Its a small size, low consumption, quiet , high performance,  fashionable and nice Mini PC. Mini PC have the basic attributes and performance of traditional desktop hosts.                        
Its initial application scenario is HTPC (Home Theater Computer), which can be used for living room entertainment, resource sharing, and expanding TV functions. Due to the high threshold for installation and use, after the popularity of TV boxes, their sense of existence has been greatly weakened. However, in the past two years, its advantages in performance have become more and more prominent, and the scope of use has exceeded the living room, with more application scenarios.
But don't look at these mostly portable mini PC, they're also good at performance and scalability, some of which carry desktop-class processors that aren't any less powerful than larger desktop. However, this kind of host is not entirely without its drawbacks, its limited internal space limits its performance, cooling is a major issue, and some mini PCs also use fanless cooling designs in order to save space and reduce noise, further limiting the performance of games.

The adavantages and the shortcomings of Mini PC
1. Graphics card
The current weakness of the mini PC is undoubtedly the problem of the graphics card. As we all know, the independent display generates a lot of heat. Since the mini PC is born to be small, it naturally sacrifices the performance elements of the host when controlling the heat. The main reason is that the host uses integrated graphics instead of independent graphics. Therefore, the mini PC with integrated display will be a little difficult when dealing with large-scale gunfighting games. Of course, there is no pressure on small stand-alone games and playing 1080P high-definition video.
2 heat dissipation
To most of Mini PC, the heat dissipation is a problem. But Eglobal Mini PC have solved this problem well.  No matter on software or hardware update, Most of the Mini PC could be working stable for a long time
Mini PC Product highlight
1 Small and portable.
Small is the biggest feature of the Mini PC,  The volume is only 1/30 of the traditional desktop. It is equivalent to the thickness of a 300-page book, and the length and width are as large as A5 paper.
2 Price is cheap
Except some intel high price Mini PC, other brand Mini PC price are very approachable, Normally its from 1000 to 3000RMB. In a certain degree, it have attracted some DIY users.


Mini PC is good for use, Here are common usage scenarios:
1、Office scene For some lightweight offices, such as text and simple image processing, performance requirements are not high, like ordinary large size Mini PC takes up a lot of office space, and notebooks are not suitable for people to sit in the office because of the small screen and poor keyboard feel . Because of this, the mini computer has a place, which not only saves a lot of space, but also makes it convenient for users to take it to the conference room for presentations or take it home for work at any time;
2、On the one hand, this Mini PC can be used as an HTPC in the living room, and as we said earlier, it is better than a TV box in terms of video decoding and expansion functions. In addition, there are many mini computers that look good, and can be regarded as a good decoration whether it is placed in the living room or the room. It is also easy to hide if you don't want to look at it.
3.School education,cloud terminal,
The modernization of teaching methods needs more modern teaching equipment to help! In recent years, in the process of realizing teaching digitization, networking, intelligence and multimedia, colleges and universities have been using Mini PC as multimedia classrooms or cloud desktops.
The Mini PC has a rich interface and is easy to expand. It can be used as an access terminal device for the cloud desktop, which saves more maintenance costs for users and ensures the security of user data resources.
4. Other industry applications
Supermarkets, government and enterprises, medical, military, industrial and other fields can also make mini PC have many uses, such as supermarket cash registers, hospital outpatient computers, etc., which can be replaced by mini PC。
In fact, there is not much difference between the choice of mini PC and ordinary computer, we only need to pay extra attention to the two dimensions of size and scalability. Appearance and size are not mentioned, choose on demand, scalability should pay more attention to the interface of the fuselage, such as whether there is a Thunderbolt interface that supports external graphics cards, whether it supports multi-screen output, whether it is a desktop processor, which determines the final use of this machine

How to choose a mini PC
From the use, it can be roughly divided into categories such as business, e-sports, video editing, graphics creation, etc., so we should first determine the main use, and then look for the specifications of the model, so that it is not difficult to find satisfactory use and budget products.
For the CPU, considering energy consumption and heat dissipation, the Intel and AMD CPUs used in mini PC are usually the models whose numbers end with U or start with N (Intel). The former is actually a commonly used model for notebook computers, so its performance is also comparable to that of notebook computers. The latter is a lower-end model, which was once used by Intel for "netbooks" and Wintel tablets. It has no problem with Internet access and light file processing work, but higher demands cannot be satisfied.
However, there are now mini PC that can support desktop CPUs, and there is no big problem in replacing desktop computers.
I/O Port
Due to the limited size of mini PC, there are definitely fewer external I/O ports than desktop PCs. Within the budget range, it is definitely not wrong to choose the model with the most interfaces. If the keyboard and mouse are not connected to the mini PC using Bluetooth, at least one USB port must be occupied, plus daily mobile storage devices, card readers, etc., more than three USB ports are the minimum requirements. In addition, it is best to have a USB3.0 Type-C interface so that high-speed peripherals can be connected, or multiple monitors can be connected.
Display Output
Normally Mini PC are come with HDMI display port,  Commonly HDMI inport is HDMI1.4 or 2.0 standard, Its better to chise 2.0 standard,  could better support 4K or more than 4K display output.  If the Mini PC need to connect traditional monitor,  its better to have individual DP port, could connect monitor directly. If no, Will need to order HDMI TO DP cable.
Network connection
Normally The mini PC have the RJ45 port to connect network,  Plug in the cable then could use. But we highly suggest to choose the Mini PC which installed Wifi module. Then u could use the Mini PC anywhere according to your requirement.
If the mini PC does not have a built-in wireless network card, it is also recommended to purchase a wireless network card (usually the M.2 wireless network card used in notebook computers) under the condition that the internal space can be installed. Now the wireless network card is often integrated with a Bluetooth module, which is convenient The connection between the mini computer and the bluetooth keyboard and mouse, bluetooth audio, mobile phone and tablet.
The mini PC is small in size and low in energy consumption. It looks like a box that can be supported with one hand. It does not take up space when placed on the table. It can also be mounted back of the monitor with a bracket to give full use of the advantages for the Mini design


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