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Eglobal Mini Computers

Eglobal Mini computers are often used as follows:

1, computer classroom / classroom, library or reading room, teacher preparation, student dormitory computer

2. Computer Training Center The most important investment in organizing a computer training center is the investment in computer hardware. It is the best solution to solve the above problems by using multiple mini computers to save the cost per student.

3, for hospitals: hospital construction information management system computer

4. E-government: E-government is another new measure for the government to openly and fairly serve the people and improve work efficiency. The premise of e-government is to equip each civil servant with one computer (or even two), but one P4. The computer is only used as a general Internet access, e-mail, transfer files, etc. The utilization rate is very low, so the mini-computer solution can greatly reduce the initial investment of e-government, which is completely in line with China’s first entry as a developing country government. The national conditions of e-commerce.

5. For the family and the family as the main body of the society, the popularity of home computers is increasing year by year. Nowadays, a family father, mother and child have a computer that is far from being able to meet the needs of working, learning and entertainment. You can use such a mini computer.

6. Corporate Office If every user in the company's enterprise is invested in the entire PC, it will inevitably increase the company's operating costs, and will also increase the maintenance and upgrade costs in the future. Therefore, the problem of installing a mini computer in a company is tough.

7, the hotel room with a computer, instead of the traditional ordinary desktop PC.

8. The office computer of the real estate intermediary service chain can be replaced by a mini computer.

9, industrial control host, such as control digital machine tools or software control host

Eglobal Mini computer host Applicable scene:


1. Use as a living room HD mini computer, put it under the TV in the living room, connect to the TV and use it as a network movie player, use the Internet and watch photos, and also download the machine and download the movie (configurable large capacity hard disk) .

2, business office preferred, such as online mall, online store office use, environmental protection and energy saving, saving electricity. With a power of only about 17W, the company produces business offices and saves space.

3, hotel room dedicated computer, beautiful and high-grade. It is very convenient to put in the hotel room, all solid-state design, not easy to damage, no noise, low power consumption, energy saving.

4, education and training industry dedicated computer than the big PC computer has better cost performance, more convenient software compatibility, better color, faster speed, more suitable for the education industry student computer.

5, industrial computer reserved for industrial users and serial port, the design of this machine, can be fully qualified for industrial applications, all solid-state design, full silent design, the overall plate design takes into account the needs of industrial users.

6. Call center users, e-commerce office, real estate agent, various public windows, service organizations, desktop virtualized cloud platforms are connected to computer terminal equipment, and task-based office workstations are used.

7, other special computers: It can also be used as a remote media player, advertising machine, all-in-one machine, POS machine, and other major accessories, and secondary development into other products!


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