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We often say that in business, there are no eternal friends and no eternal enemies, only eternal interests. In the PC chip field, Intel and AMD have been competing with each other. The two processors have always been the only choice for the CPU, so they are the most competitive opponents. After Intel proposed the concept of nuclear verification, both companies began their own research and development of nuclear processor.

With the advancement of technology, Nuclear has taken on more and more responsibilities, and in the current PC market, it has almost taken most of the demand for games. In particular, AMD's APU can even meet the needs of some games. With the low price and good game performance of APU, AMD has gradually gained a foothold. The emergence and development of nuclear has made a great contribution to the miniaturization of PC. Intel also independently developed the HD series of nuclear displays, as well as the high-performance torch series, the two battles came to a new field.

But the two companies that thought it was incompatible with water and fire, launched a new processor at CES in January this year. This CPU follows Intel's naming convention and is named i7-8809G.

Known as the 8th Gen Intel Core With Radeon RX Vega M Graphics, we can conclude that it is an eighth-generation Intel processor with an AMD Radeon RX Vega graphics card. The appearance of this product, which indicates that the performance of nuclear display is weak, no longer applies.

The chip was first installed on Dell's XPS 15, and Intel's  Canyon 2 is also equipped with this processor.

According to the performance on XPS 15, it can be seen that the performance of this processor is roughly equivalent to the level of GTX 1050Ti on the desktop. For nuclear display, the most important thing is not to pursue strong performance, but to retain the appropriate performance, as small as possible is the most important thing for nuclear display. After all, in the market, for game consoles, people pursue performance at the same time. Also want to keep the size of the host small.

On this chip, Intel combines Core CPU, AMG Vega display chip and 4GB memory package, and also uses the latest, HBM2 technology to further reduce the memory area and make the chip more compact.

In fact, it can't be attributed to nuclear display in the future. It is more appropriate to call it CPU plus GPU solution. The advantages of convergence are obvious. For OEMs, it is easy to choose a better heat dissipation design, and it is more suitable for rapid production. For players, you can also choose a lightweight and high-performance gaming PC or game book. Especially for game powder, finally thin and high performance can be taken care of. The biggest beneficiaries are those ultrabooks, which can further enhance the game performance while maintaining the original size after replacing the new processor. Perhaps in the future, the definition of Ultrabook and Gamebook will be more blurred.

However, the drawback of the current solution is that the pressure of heat dissipation caused by the increase of power is relatively large, and the distance between the two heat sources is relatively close. Moreover, the overall power of more than 100W, the general notebook battery may have a great impact on battery life. And because the launch time is relatively early, there is no new match with six cores and twelve threads.


Release Date: 10-12-2018 17:49:36 [Go back Menu]
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