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Analysis for the Mini computer Market

A few years ago, Fortune magazine reported that Intel sales helmsman Sean Maloney showed the enthusiasm of mini PCs when receiving media interviews. With the rising demand in emerging markets such as Brazil, India and mainland China, it is expected that a new generation of mini PCs will It will play an important role in the growth of the next few years.

We really admire Sean Maloney's market vision. He is like a great prophet. Now the computer market is really as he said, the mini computer has become a dazzling star, acting as a radical player in this market.

The mini-computer has a bright and simple fashion shape that the traditional PC host does not have, and it is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry, and has hardware that is not as poor as the performance of a conventional PC host. With the gradual improvement of the appearance and performance of the mini-host, one day it may replace the mainstream traditional PC host.

The traditional PC host is obviously still the mainstream of the computer market. It can be assembled by itself, the configuration is very flexible, and the performance is good. It is very convenient to upgrade the computer hardware and maintain it.

But we know that most of the functions of desktop computers are wasted idle. These functions still need to consume power, which causes the desktop computer to have 200W, 300W or even higher power consumption, and because of its own size. Larger, hot, and noisy are inevitable problems, and the maintenance of the whole machine has become quite complicated.

The mini computer is actually a general desktop computer, and the actual function is not much different from the traditional desktop computer, but the relative power consumption is lower, the heat is less, and the noise is smaller.

With Intel's strong promotion of the NUC (Next Unit of Computing) platform concept, the mini-computers of various brands in the market have gradually increased, and even the Eglobal computer, which is known as the "small chassis expert", has also participated in the launch of their branded V8 series mini computer. Usually as the second part of the family, or even the third computer host, the mini computer carries the heavy responsibility of the home Internet entertainment terminal. Compared to traditional desktop consoles, the minicomputer can be seen as an evolutionary version of the previous HTPC computer concept, which is not only more integrated, but also more computationally intensive, while also having a more compact form factor.

The mini-host has many advantages such as small size, portability, power saving, and mute. It is most suitable for general household users to use for entertainment, and is also suitable for various corporate offices, etc., which can save a lot of electricity and maintenance costs.

So the mini computer has begun to violently impact the traditional computer host, just as Maloney said a few years ago, the mini computer is now more and more popular. If it is a few years later, do you know if the mainstream of the entire PC market is turning? Will the minicomputer replace the traditional PC host? Let us pay close attention to the development of mini-computers and the response of traditional PC hosts!

Release Date: 08-20-2018 16:17:46 [Go back Menu]
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