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Why optimistic about the mini computer

1.Is the desktop already "historical"?

With the opening of the Internet era, people's enthusiasm for PC purchase is the same as that of video recorders and color TV sets. It is the most brilliant years of desktop computers. According to relevant data, the sales volume of China's desktop computer market reached 1157.7 in 2004. Ten thousand, an increase of 6.9% over 2003. In 2004, China's desktop computer market sales reached 62.42 billion yuan, an increase of 3.4% over 2003.


The market of instant expansion has made PC manufacturers smell business opportunities, and they have put down their plans for the future and set foot on horsepower to increase production capacity. This has obviously laid the foundation for the collapse of desktop computers. The entire IT industry is moving forward in the follow-up Internet process. It is unthinkable that the development of technology has impacted the traditional terminal form. After nearly three years of glory, in 2007 a completely abandoned physical keyboard, the use of touch screen products vacated, set an almost perfect template for the Internet transplant to the mobile platform, this product is the originator of the smart phone iPhone.


The emergence of Apple's mobile phone has had a very strong impact on traditional desktop computers, because people have discovered another form of terminal that enters the Internet. The most tragic thing is that the global financial crisis has followed, and the PC industry that relies on the flow of funds has survived. It can be said that it has entered the cold winter.


For investors, the future is clearly the focus of their attention. The financial market investment caused by the financial crisis is not smooth, making desktop computers enter the second industry downturn in 20 years.


In 2009, when the dark clouds of the financial crisis gradually dispersed, traditional desktop PCs were ready to do a big job again, but desktop computers that did not break through the traditional technology bottleneck were completely obscured by the innovation of mobile entertainment. Since then, notebook computers have become the protagonists of the PC market. Many people think that desktop computers will not become a device with the "History" label.


2. Analysis of the needs of the computer market


In fact, traditional desktop computers still have a high demand, although no more than a decade of brilliant years, desktop computers need a turnaround opportunity.


Obviously, the notebook computer is the most popular PC form today, but if you look closely, you will find that you are more willing to use desktop devices, a laptop computer, and an external monitor in your work environment. Objectively speaking, There are many large-size notebook products on the market, and there are not a few products in full HD, 3K, and 4K screens. Why do you need to use an external monitor?

If you've used desktop devices and laptops at work, you're more inclined to the former, even if it's the top flagship laptop, the screen is bigger than 18 inches. And the display of a thousand or eight hundred dollars to buy a 27-inch is too loose, usually, in terms of cost performance, the desktop has always prevailed.


Of course, laptops are just the best companion for business trips and travel, but in the work environment, they are more willing to use large-screen PC devices, and large-screen PC devices become a comparison between one computer and desktop computers. have more advantages? In terms of performance, the advantages of desktop computers are obvious and the price is lower, while the one-computer saves space but the price is slightly higher, and the performance cannot compete with the desktop.


3. Future market battles – where is the potential of desktop computers?


For the future of desktop disputes should be more optimistic about the evolution of desktop computers, why? First of all, desktop computers have a huge crowd base. Although attention is not as good as notebooks today, it is not impossible to seize time and opportunity to turn the tide. Secondly, the mass base of the one-computer is too weak. For many years, only the Apple family has been struggling to support it. Other manufacturers have just launched a product that is not often used. It is quite a ticket-making nature. Such a market obviously cannot attract the attention of users. The most important point is that the outbreak of the VR concept has revived the desire of high-performance PCs, and the limited space of one computer has become a catalyst for the re-emergence of the desktop market.


4. The new direction of the computer market - miniaturization


From the beginning of the computer product to the present, why is the hardware manufacturing process shrinking? Why are manufacturers always pursuing lighter, more portable designs? Why are users less and less interested in bloated and complicated products? Mainly because both the computer products themselves, manufacturers and users are pursuing the mini-ization of PC products. Although the development of small desktop PCs is slow, it is the main direction of the development of the entire PC industry in the future. If you want to grasp the future market, miniaturization Obviously the only way out.

In fact, when the traditional computer industry is highly saturated, the sales of the entire computer industry declines, and when it is in a trough, the small PC market has great development potential. Moreover, the current hardware performance is not comparable to that of the HTPC products of the year. Many manufacturers have introduced small chassis and desktop devices, which are not only durable, but also very stylish. For example, the company has more than ten years of experience in research and development of Eglobal Mini computer. It is intensively cultivated in the mini-computer industry. The quality of the products is carefully crafted. With the influence of the brand and the excellent quality of the products, it has been excellent in the industry. Word of mouth. Take the hot-selling mini computer V2-4200u, built-in Intel Core i5-4200 Dual Core 2.6GHz, the maximum support for 16G memory, the appearance is exquisite and stylish, there are many improvements in the configuration Space, but this is indeed the future direction of desktop hosting.


Today, where performance is no longer a problem, the problem that small PCs have to solve is to have a design that appeals to users. It is important to establish the image first. The second is to optimize the cost performance, launch some good performance, affordable products to open the market, let users realize that the performance of small PC products can also meet the user's demand for computers. Veteran manufacturers (such as Eglobal Computer) should launch some heavyweight products to make the scale and influence of the entire market, and at the same time, when the computer industry is in a trough, seek a new development direction for the market.

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