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Q & A

Some common FAQ

How to enter BIOS?


After the mini computer start, pls press “ Delete” or “ Esc” to enter BIOS.


Is the mini pc enough to run XBMC in living room and connect to big size TV?


Yes, the mini computer also HTPC, widely used in living room connected to TV via HDMI cable, HDMI up to 1920*1080 HD resolution.


Power indicator light is not on after Eglobal mini computer(install RAM and SSD well) connect with power adapter


Try to use a new power adapter 12V to test the mini computer


I lost the drivers, what to do if I want to reinstall the system?


You can find drivers from our company website or use software tools to get driver directly, here is some free software tools information:


The computer does not respond and the curse does not move`


1. Firstly, make sure the mouse and the keyboard are connected. Re-plug the connectors and make sure they are secure.

2. If that does not work, try to force problem applications to quit. Then save your work in any open applications and restart the computer to be sure the problem is entirely cleared up.

3. If you are unable to force the application to quit, press and hold the power button of the mini computer for five seconds to shut down the computer.

4. If that does not work, unplug the power cord from the computer. Then plug the power cord back in and start the computer again.

5. If the problem occurs very frequently when you use a particular application, check with the applicator’s manufacturer to see if it is compatible with your computer system.


Computer freezes during startup or you see a flashing questions mark


Wait a few seconds if the computer doesn’t start up after a delay, shut down the computer by pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds. Restart the computer to see if the problem has been solved, if not, check the system preferences and set Startup Disk to local system folder.


Computer does ‘t turn on or start up


1. Make sure the power cord is plugged into the computer and into a functioning power outlet.

2. If that does not work, press the power button for above 5 seconds to see if the computer starts.

3. If that doesn’t works either, unplug the power cord, and wait for at least 30 seconds. Restart the mini computer after plugging the power cord.

4. If you are still unable to start up the mini computer, please contact us for service.


Having a problem with an application


1. Make sure that you are using a licensed operating system.

2. Contact the software manufacturer to check its compatibility with the mini computer.


Having problems with your Internet connection


1.Make sure your network cable is connected and functioning properly.

2.If you are using a dial-up Internet connection, make sure that your cord is plugged into a modem port and not the Ethernet port

3.Locate your Internet settings and the contact information for your Internet service provider (If you used the Setup Assistant to get your Internet account)


How to setup AWAL on the mini computer


1. click " Delete" or “Esc” to enter BIOS

2. click " Chipset"

3. click "PCH-IO Configuration"

4. click " Restore AC Power Loss" and select " power on"1


How to check if the storage partition


1. click " Desktop" by right mouse

2. click " Computer Management"

3. click " Storage"

4. click " Storage Management"


How long lifetime of the mini computer


Lifetime of our fanless mini PC is more than 10 years.


The mini computer shutdown every 30 minutes


1. Please unplug power, open chassis and pull out of Ram, use clean cloths wipe golden plug of Ram

2.Pull out of CMOS button battery, wait a few seconds, then reinstall battery and Ram, remember plug ram deep into slot completely.

3. If the above operation cant solve the problem, the PC should update BIOS. Please contact our Pre-sales to get the update BIOS software and how to do.


How to operate if the PC install dual OS


You can press “ F11” to select two different Operating System you want:

1. “ Sata pm: KingFast” into Windows 7 64bit O/S

2. “ Sata pm: TOSHIBA MK3265QGSX” into Openelec XBMC O/S

Remark: Default Windows 7 64bit O/S.


Can I repartition hard disk on Windows 7 OS


If you are logged in as an administrator, you can repartition your hard disk by using the Shrink feature in Disk Management. You can shrink an existing partition or volume to create unallocated disk space, from which you can create a new partition or volume. (Note that the terms partition and volume are often used interchangeably.)

1.Open Computer Management by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Security, clicking Administrative Tools, and then double-clicking Computer Management.‌  If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

2.In the left pane, under Storage, click Disk Management.

3.Right-click the volume you want to shrink, and then click Shrink Volume.

4.Follow the instructions.


The Mini computer always restart when installing Windows 10 OS


Pls go to BIOS and setup:

"BIOS - RC6(Render Standby) - Enable (default)" change “ Disable”

Release Date: 08-06-2018 22:23:00 [Go back Menu]
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