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Frequently asked questions for PC Station

Frequently asked questions for PC Station

1.         What components make up the PC Station desktop virtualization solution?

Vertualization software or Multi user support dispatch for different Operating Systems; User eXtension Protocol or Remote Desk Protocol which brings to user a full desktop experience.; PC Station access terminal.

2.         How does the user connect to the shared computer?

Each user still has their own standard monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers. Instead of connecting directly to a PC, these peripherals connect to a small PC Station access device, which connects to the shared PC either directly from a PCI card (EG_N300), or over Ethernet.

3.         What is the end-user experience like?

Performance is excellent, and each user sees what appears to be their own independent operating system and software applications. For most standard user applications including internet browsing, office productivity tools, e-mail, and even multimedia, performance is like having a dedicated PC.

4.         Is PC Station technology a good fit for emerging economies?

Yes. A major PC Station emphasis is on expanding the number of seats for users that typically have limited access to computing. In emerging economies, many businesses are forced to limit computer use to a few key employees due to capital and support costs. With PC Station, they can expand access to a greater number of employees and therefore improve productivity. It’s very rare for schools in emerging economies to have a student-to-computer ratio that supports effective learning. Today, thousands of schools in the developing world are adding virtual desktops with PC Station technology. Public access applications such as internet cafés and libraries are another area where PC Station solutions expand access for the developing world.

5.         Is PC Station technology a good fit for developed regions?

Yes. Even in wealthy countries, school funding lags and rarely supports one-to-one computing. With the PC Station solution, schools can get at least twice the number of seats for the same budget. Also, small, medium, and large businesses are constantly looking for ways to save on computing acquisition and administration costs. PC Station solutions help manufacturers, call centers, non-profit organizations, and many more commercial businesses and enterprises save and become more efficient.

6.         Does it take a huge server to run this environment?

No. Traditional thin clients require fat servers, but the highly efficient and optimized PC Station technology can use standard desktop PC hardware. An entry-level PC will work fine and can easily run server operating systems hosting multiple users. And of course, servers can be used to support even more users.

7.         Can I run all of my applications on PC Station?

PC Station’s desktop virtualization technology delivers a rich PC experience and is usually identical to using a dedicated PC. However, there are situations where users should get their own PCs:

l   Advanced graphic design applications and games requiring 3D acceleration: PC Station does not provide 3D graphics acceleration support for applications such as 3D games and high-end CAD software.

l   Most software applications support multiuser environments such as PC Station's and work well in the virtual environment. Always test your applications first.

l   Power users or software developers: These users often need a dedicated (and late-model) PC to run specialized applications that need the majority of the processor's capabilities. This type of computing is not advised for a virtual environment.

8.         How does the PC Station solution save me money?

l   By spreading the high cost of a shared PC over multiple users, individual computing stations can be acquired at a much lower cost per seat.

l   The access devices themselves are extremely reliable; so desktop maintenance and support costs go way down.

l   Dramatically reducing the number of PCs to be supported also reduces maintenance and support costs.

l   The electricity required to run each additional user is as much as 90% less than required by giving them a dedicated PC.

l   All the users can share the same software and OS in HOST, so software and OS cost saved a lot.

9.         What is WinCE pc station?

WinCE PC Station is pc station which buildin WinCE OS, support dual working mode, Thin client mode by logon to host and share resouce on host; Mini PC mode using local WinCE system. Models including EG_N430(W), EG_N530(W), EG_N630(W), EG_T580, EG_T680(W), ect.

10.     Terminal server not found?

IP address get conflict with others, you can change an IP address for the terminal

11.     DHCP Server was not found…

Router was not connected correctly, cannot find the right IP address, and suggest not choosing Dynamical IP address.

12.     N130/N230/N300 can find HOST, after click "connect", it shows normal logon window, but it turns back after enter user name and password, shows no error message, what happed?

The host may installed Universal Terminal.dll Patch (X86), pls delete it.

13.     Power connection of the T580 gets lost during the setting of the resolution, after the boot a black screen with the message "out of range", why this happened?

The resolution you set is out of the range that your monitor support, please set a resolution that your monitor support. When setting resolution, you should consider both the monitor and the T580, choose the lower resolution between the two instead of the higher one.

14.     What is the best resolution for WinCE PC Station?

15"-1024*768 / 17"-1280*1024 / 17" wide screen-1280*800

19"-1280*1024 / 19" wide screen-1440*900

20" wide screen-1440*900 or 1680*1050

22" wide screen-1680*1050 or 1920*1080

24" wide screen-1920*1200 or 1920*1080 

15.     What kind movies that the cloud computing terminal can support?

For our WinCE pc stations, they can only play WAM Medias. Means if you collect USB flash or other moving parts with Medias, the cloud terminal will only play WAM form.

16.     When first installing and using the PC Stations, there are some noise just like robot, what is the problem?

This problem comes from host, you can restart the HOST or reinstall the HOST OS.

17.     The terminal shut down always, and turn to normal for a while, what’s wrong?

If all the terminal face this problem at the same time, mostly the Internet is not stable, or the server not stable; if different terminals get this problem in turns, it is IP adress conflict, pls build static IP address for each terminal user.

18.     What kind facility we can connect to the COM port of N730?

All kind facilities with serial port. But as our T580 build in Windows CE, the facilities connected to T580 should have driver under Windows CE if it is not plug and play facility, otherwise it cannot be recognised. USB facility is same.

19.     Why Pen driver, Card reader cannot work on WinCE pc station?

WinCE pc station build in WinCE system, they are like small computer. So when connecting USB or other facilities, they should have driver under WinCE if they need driver. We suggest customer use plug-and-play computer peripherals.

20.     How to do if we forget the password for PC Stations?

If you are using N130(W), N230(M) or N300, we strongly suggest you remember the password, because once you forget it, you cannot reset it at your end, the only way is send it back, our technical man will change the process in PCB board and make it reset. If you are using WinCE pc station, don’t worry, we have a super password, you can use it for first setting up, and once you forget the password you set, you can use our super password to reset it. Please contact us for super password after purchase.

Password: N430,N530: 123; N630: thinclientupdateme, T580: no password

21.     Can Network PC Station work when using windows server 2003 x64 bit as HOST?

Only WinCE pc station support, others support max 32 bit server.

22.     Can pc station support on category 1


23.     Can T580 use C language and DOS system?

Yes, but cannot work under full screen mode.

24.     Is it possible to customize the software with our LOGO in the Startup?

Yes, all our WinCE pc station can make customer logo in the Startup.


For more questions pls contact our technical support, email:

Release Date: 07-19-2013 13:33:13 [Go back Menu]
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