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How to choose your HTPC computer

The past is vivid, remember the past scenes of watching movies with family on a home DVD player? Nowadays, with the rapid spread of HTPC mainframes, HTPC has gradually replaced the previous DVD players. HTPC has entered the family in a wide range and has become an indispensable entertainment device in every family. . What is HTPC? The so-called HTPC is also a home theater personal computer, which is the basic equipment of a home theater that is used as a signal source and control computer.

For HTPC computers, the main difference between them and traditional PCs is the compact size of the mini, which can be easily placed in any corner of the family living room. And the HTPC computer's exterior design is more aesthetically pleasing than traditional PCs, with lower power consumption, less noise and less radiation. In terms of hardware performance, it can also satisfy the decoding and playback of high-definition movies.

In the past, everyone installed a low-power desktop computer with a large-capacity hard disk, and then connected to a large-screen display, it can be called a HTPC computer. But now users are increasingly demanding HTPC. HTPC is more like a home appliance in terms of size. Now the HTPC chassis is getting smaller and smaller, and most of the small chassis are mini-boards. The size of the machine is so small and stylish. So before assembling a good HTPC computer, choosing the right small chassis is the key.


     With the continuous upgrade of the home HTPC computer, there are a lot of small chassis on the market, so what should we pay attention to when choosing the HTPC chassis?

First look at the material, we try to choose the all-aluminum HTPC chassis. Because the all-aluminum chassis not only has a good appearance, but also has a texture, and is more conducive to heat dissipation, but also lighter and more portable.

Next, look at the workmanship, a fine workmanship HTPC chassis will be more tasteful in the living room. When looking at the work, especially pay attention to some details, such as the layout of the front panel of the chassis as simple as possible, the opening method of the chassis cover is as simple as possible, and the button effect on the chassis is as good as possible.


In addition, the structure of the chassis is very important, a good HTPC chassis depends on the internal structure and interface layout. Although it is a small chassis, the internal structure has a separate location for each accessory, which is compact and not messy, so that users do not feel upset when installing. The interface of the chassis is also very important, such as the USB interface and audio interface that we often use. Some HTPC chassis also have other expansion interfaces, which can bring more experience to users.

Then, in terms of heat dissipation, the distribution of the chassis's own cooling holes and the location of the fan installation are important to the HTPC chassis. The HTPC chassis with good heat dissipation has a large number of cooling holes on both sides of the chassis. There are also mini-chassis holes on the top or bottom to ensure more heat dissipation. At the same time, there should not be too many fans inside a good HTPC chassis, which will bring a lot of noise, and no one wants to hear the sound of "WU WU WU" while watching movies. Because of this, most of today's HTPC chassis use small chassis with little fan or fanless.


     The HTPC hardware update is now particularly fast, but it can be used for a long time with a good HTPC chassis. Maybe everyone's needs are different, but as long as you pay attention to the purchase of HTPC chassis, I believe that the assembled HTPC computer will not only bring you a better experience, but also share happiness with your family!




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