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The future of mini computers can be expected

Computer technology is one of the fastest growing science and technology in the world, and its products are constantly being upgraded. At present, computers are developing in the direction of mega, miniaturization and intelligence. The performance of computers is getting better and better, and the scope of application is becoming more and more extensive. It also makes computers an indispensable tool in our work, study and life.

From the beginning of the birth of the computer, the CPU is composed of transistors. One computer is loaded with one computer room, and the desktop, notebook, and all-in-one of the later integrated circuits are light and easy to carry. Computers and computers have also been used in the military since the beginning, and the sophisticated tools of science and technology have become ordinary household items, thus entering the homes of ordinary people. It is no longer a simple tool, but is integrated into the lives of ordinary people, like water, electricity and the like. It is undeniable that the development of the computer market is facing the strong impact of mobile phones and tablets, and there has been a decline in development. Therefore, some analysts believe that the computer industry will be a sunset industry, and it will face the crisis of withdrawing from the historical stage, although this pessimistic remark is not a mainstream. But today, when faced with challenges, its development path will not be smooth.

On the whole, the development of computers is moving toward maximization, minimization, and intelligent development. The big ones are the supercomputers of Shenwei·Taihuguang in China, the small ones such as mini-computers and computer stick products. This shows that with the development of science and technology, the development of computers has not stopped, but evolved with the development of the times. Product types with different forms.

At recent CES computer exhibitions and other computer exhibitions, mini-computers have always played an extremely important role as an emerging form of product. Some may not see the computer itself at all, they are embedded in the product itself, such as VR. 3D glasses, wearable products and the like, as the birth and development of the mini-computer individual, from the amazing appearance of the world, the worlds attention to the development process, in fact, has verified the development cycle theory of a product. Any new product, people tend to have excessive enthusiasm for new things, but because of the corresponding comparison between the product and the mature product, it is intentionally or unintentionally amplifying its shortcomings. The application prospects cannot be truly positioned, so that they realize that the thing can't change the world in a short time, and they will quickly lose their enthusiasm. However, the development of things is always known and accepted by the majority of the application, as long as Maintaining the right direction of development and giving a certain amount of patience, then these new things will gradually change the world. A well-known example is the invention and application of electric lights. From the beginning of the laboratory only to a product that is essential for a stable home, the process has gone through a long process, but it has achieved the original intention of bringing light to the world. Similarly, the development of computers from traditional desktops to portable notebooks can be said to be a story of the development of computers. From the beginning, it was only to solve the customer-oriented needs of PC products that were carried around. Nowadays, the volume is getting smaller and smaller, the weight is getting lighter, and the function is getting stronger and stronger. It is the market's pursuit of excellence. The perfect embodiment.

Now, with the development of the traditional computer industry becoming more perfect, the market demand is becoming more and more saturated, the durability of the products is constantly improving, and the time interval for updating is becoming longer and longer. The decline in the computer market is also reasonable. How to develop in the premise of satisfying the market-based game-based computers (desktop computers) and mobile office (laptops), looking for the next market development, this is the traditional PC. The problems that the big guys need to solve are also the focus of the industry. As the body of the computer, the development of the motherboard from ATM specifications, to Micro specifications, Mini ITX specifications, Nano motherboards, has been developed to 10 * 10CM motherboards, miniaturization of motherboards, advances in production technology, integration of electronic circuits, making computers The mini-development has a certain material basis. The mini computer came into being. The mini computer was born at the beginning of the game. It can be said that it was amazing.

Intel, which has been paying attention to the development of mini-computers, has launched a new computer product of the era, NUC (Next Unit Computering), which refers to the next generation of computer applications. Later, big manufacturers such as Gigabyte followed its footsteps and launched the same size mini-computer Brix. Attracting the interest of the PC market for a long time, in 2014, Eglobal technology subsequently launched the V2/V8/V7 series of products, re-engineered the design, chassis material, interface and other aspects based on the concept of inheriting Intel products. Products, Eglobal technology adopts the design with independent intellectual property rights, piano paint, all-aluminum material with good thermal conductivity, integrated molding technology, effectively avoiding electromagnetic radiation problems. This product is in the same line with NUC, This means that it runs extremely fast. From the performance of the product, it does not expect, has a fast boot speed, exquisite appearance, all-aluminum body with piano paint top cover, smooth and exquisite, small size, hand can be gripped, only 0.6KG, can carry Carrying, low energy consumption, the whole machine does not exceed 30W, the interface is rich, it supports HDMI, can also support traditional interface configuration such as VGA, as well as USB, network cable, COM conventional interface, etc., and WIFI antenna can be used. Choose the configuration. Utilizing the excellent thermal conductivity of aluminum, it adopts the principle of passive heat dissipation and can be equipped with a cooling fan according to customer requirements, thus perfectly solving the heat dissipation problem. Based on the above product features, the mini computer V2/V7/V8 series  has attracted a lot of attention in the venue since its inception, whether it was at the Taiwan International Electronics Show (cebit) or the computer show in Las Vegas. Success, from the perspective of market sales, the market has also generated a strong interest in this product, and achieved good sales results. At the same time, due to the profound technological development advantages of Eglobal technology , it also provides customized services for customers, further strengthening The contact with the customer, grasping the actual needs of the user terminal, and carrying out targeted product development, responding to the market demand as quickly as possible, and achieved good results. The application of the product has also expanded from a single office to different applications such as HTPC equipment and industrial control industry. As an HTPC device, the appearance of the mini computer is more suitable for its application scenarios, providing customers with purer enjoyment of high fidelity and enhanced immersive experience. As for the industrial control industry, it is more widely used, from small advertising malls everywhere, POS machines, video surveillance, to intelligent traffic, digital signage, highways, building advertising, data machine tools, data processing, and so on. With such a wide range of application scenarios, its advantages are constantly being amplified. At the same time, with the addition of more mini-computer manufacturers, we have reason to believe that the development of mini computers has evolved from a unique development to a colorful and contending stage. Development may not be flooding, but may "invade" human life in a quiet and silent way.


Only by doing this, regardless of the wind and rain, the development of mini-computers, the future can be expected!


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