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Eglobal Industrial computer intel core i5 4200U PC

The industrial computer, in short, is the computer host for industrial control. It no longer regards the exquisite and gorgeous appearance as a key consideration, focusing on practical applications, from specification size, design, materials, production, manufacturing, and market scale. For the industrial market, ensuring the normal operation of industrial production systems, high reliability and high stability are its remarkable features. As the leader of the industrial control industry, the industrial control computer produced by Liren Computer is more compact, compact and more integrated than the traditional industrial computer. As the concept of industry and people's life is getting closer and closer, industrial control consoles will appear more and more in people's field of vision. At present, the emerging concept of Internet of Things is a combination of household appliances with industrial computer as the core. To meet the needs of people's growing material and cultural life. In the near future, industrial computer is no longer far from high-rise buildings, but enters thousands of households in an indispensable identity. Recently, the GK series products represented by GK-4200U, which are newly listed by EGLOBAL computer, can not only meet the needs of commercial computers, but also be more professional in industrial control.


1. Dimensions


At present, the commercial motherboards on the market mainly use the ATX architecture, but Eglobal Industrial motherboards adopt a variety of motherboards in order to adapt to various application environments.


2.Expansion slot support


Eglobal industrial computer supports VGA and HDMI display output, which is convenient for multi-screen display of industrial control system. It also supports 2 COM interfaces, supports 4xUSB3.0, 3xUSB2.0, can be connected to multi-channel monitoring and management requirements, and follow-up Functional extension. 

3.   High reliability of components
Commercial-grade motherboards, due to the timeliness of product pursuit and the market positioning of their own products, generally only need to meet the system operation requirements for component selection requirements, and have a service life of 2 to 3 years. The selection of the manual control board will use the long-term, high-demand verification components to ensure the high reliability of the product under harsh conditions.

4.   High stability

The Eglobal industrial computer can ensure the high stability of the system in harsh environments (long working hours, bad weather, humidity, vibration, dust, radiation, high temperature, etc.), and in these environments, commercial motherboards are not competent, today's commercial motherboards are large. Part of the operation is in a stable environment (short working hours, indoor, normal temperature).


5 Operating temperature


Ordinary commercial motherboards can only be used in an environment between 5 ° C and 38 ° C, which is quite delicate. The Eglobal industrial grade motherboard can work stably between 0 °C and 70 °C.



6, can provide OEM customized services


Once the ordinary commercial host is produced, it can no longer be changed according to market demand, and the room for customization can be quite small. However, in the industrial field, based on more than 10 years of experience in the field of Eglobal Computer, it is completely flexible according to the special needs of customers. Customize the user's machine. Better and more perfect to match the needs of customers.


Release Date: 07-18-2018 10:22:46 [Go back Menu]
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