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2016 Original Results Summary & Analysis for Flash

In 2016, NAND flash keep short of stock all the time, according to the China Flash market price index analysis, by the end of 2016 NAND Flash per GB prices have recovered to levels at the end of 2014, to $0.25 / GB, rapidly and sharply higher prices not only had a huge impact on the market, it must also help Flash original factory Samsung, Toshiba, SK hynix, Crucial 's revenue and profit growth, but in fact most of them are not as good as in 2015.

As per market analysis of China Flash Market, one of its important reason is that in 2016 factory switch to 3D acceleration NAND Flash, in addition to the research and development costs, is also very easy to occur in the process of switching capacity loss, and also updating the old equipment, adding new equipment, and expanding production space, resulting in original factory NAND Flash Flash output reduction, and increased investment costs.

2016 Samsung shares rose more than 60%

Toshiba/WD SanDisk:

Toshiba 2016 financial data

Toshiba using BiCS (Bit Cost Scaling) architecture in 2016, production of 48 layer 3D NAND, single Die capacity is 256 gb, only for their own flash memory products, at the end of the year it has run 64 layer 3D NAND, 2017 it will switch its main energy to 64 layer production.Toshiba Fab 2 factories have begun to small-scale production of 48 layer 3D NAND, in 2017 it is expected to switch to 64 layer production.Toshiba investment plan in the next three years up to 860 billion yen, including new factory fab 6 in March 2017, new qty production for 3D NAND in year 2018 Q3 production, and update existing equipment.

In addition, the western digital has been finished acquisition to SanDisk (SanDisk) in May 2016, and in Q3 integrating the financial data of the two. In future WD will still keep cooperation with Toshiba on the NAND Flash technology and resources.

2016 Toshiba's share price:

SK Hynix:

Before purchased by SK group, Hynix get into serious debt crisis due to the 2008 global economic crisis, at that time its loss up to 4.75 million won. In 2011, SK group purchased Hynix and invest big money into research and production, finally turn a profit in 2013, after that it keep high revenue and profit growth.

In 2016 SK hynix accumulated in the first three quarter revenue of 11.8 million won, compared with the same period in 2015 it fell 18%, net profit fell 63%, this is the first time revenue and profit margins turning down after the buyout by SK group. Its 3D NAND using 36 layer manufacturing, and in early 2016 it is actively to sending samples to all partners, directly or indirectly to scale trial production, the third generation of 48 layer 3D NAND has started to sell at the end of 2016.SK hynix plan to qty produce 72 layer 3D NAND in 2017, and plan to launch samples in Q1, start small batch production in Q2, from the perspective of the stacked layers it has caught up with and even surpassed the competitors, but at the same time it will also face greater risk of mass production.

In addition, in order to improve the market competitiveness, SK hynix plans to cooperate with giant hard disk company Seagate, will set up a joint venture company, the goal is to preempt the rapid growth of SSD market.

SK hynix prices rose more than 70% in 2016


Because of the micron DRAM business accounts for about 60% overall revenue, affected by the decline in the PC market demand, 2016 years ago in the third quarter net profit losses of up to $480 million, in Q4 finally turn a profit.2016 micron 32 layer 3 d NAND single Die capacity 32 gb MLC version, TLC version 48 gb capacity, is currently in addition to the original brand, market, one of the main source of 3 d SSD 64 layer 3 d NAND has landed in December 2016, 2017 will gradually stepped into the stage of mass production.

Crucial's share price rise than doubled in 2016

Release Date: 02-18-2017 12:07:25 [Go back Menu]
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