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Meet a better self

   Life would be a lonely journey without encounters. Recently, I was fortunate enough to meet a beautiful, elegant, intelligent woman, Ms. Zhao. Under her guidance, I participated in the volunteer group activity course of "Meet a Better Self" by chance. In this volunteer group activity course, I discovered my potential, advantages and disadvantages, and also became more confident and excellent. I am grateful to have met her and also met a better self.


   First of all, let me introduce myself. I am a 15-year veteran in foreign trade, named Jiang Shan. Jiangshan is so beautiful that it attracts countless heroes to compete for it. I love Jiangshan and beauties, and I am a mother of three children. Our main products are mini computers. The factory of mini computers is in Humen Yayao, Dongguan, the CNC hardware case factory is in Chang'an, Dongguan, and the sales team is in Shajing, Shenzhen. In this volunteer group course, participants come from all walks of life, and some of them are in the catering industry. Through the contact with the little friends of the Jingjin Group 5 in these few days, I was deeply touched by their series of active service habits, such as consciously arranging the dining table. At the same time, we read together, went out to participate in activities such as caring for the environment, picking up garbage, giving love, counting activities, and crossing the line of fire, which made the students have a deep sense of physical experience - there is execution, there is harvest, and there is     value.


  I carefully read the annotations of "The Great Learning" and repeatedly recited them with the little friends of our Jingjin Group 5 many times. What I understand is that self-cultivation is the most important for individuals, that is, cultivating the inner self. Let's start with the little things of individuals, such as not wasting a bottle of mineral water, cherishing social resources, the table at the door is filled with unfinished mineral water, which feels like a waste; such as adding as much food as you eat; such as going to bed early and getting up early; such as insisting on reading every day. When I read a few points in Inamori Kazuo's "Six Principles of Living," I benefited a lot: 1) Make efforts no less than anyone else. I need to understand that I have to take the initiative to give priority and go all out to do it, rather than being a giant in words and a dwarf in action. 2) Be humble and not proud. There are many people who are better than me, and I have been on the road of learning and improving to become a better self. 3) Reflect every day. Every night, I will lie in bed and think about what I have done and said during the day, which things have not been solved, and is there a better way? Whether the words I said make others comfortable, can I say them more artistically? 4) Live, and be grateful. I need to be kind-hearted, and I need to treat everyone around me who has helped me or given me a smile with a grateful heart. I wrote a letter of thanks to my husband. Of course, there are too many people to thank. In life, I strive to practice respect and gratitude to them. 5) Do good deeds and think of altruism. The next day, we went to pick up garbage and give love together. The little friends of the Jingjin Group 5 actively picked up garbage, swept the floor, and arranged shared bicycles, etc., and gave love to the city's sanitation workers, security uncles, and takeaway boys. From the bottom of my heart, I expressed my gratitude for their contribution to this society. I can't help singing a lyric: "As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world..." 6) Don't have emotional troubles. On the road of starting a business for 15 years, I have been immersed in foreign trade and work, without time to think about the disadvantages of the haze weather to me, without time to think about the bad character of others, without time to compare the gap between you, me, and him... Fortunately, now I have achieved financial freedom and have a happy and harmonious family. Therefore, I need to understand more about giving and gratitude, and believe that good will be rewarded with good.


    In general, this volunteer group course journey is very inspiring. I feel that I am constantly talking to myself and exploring the inner world, and I also realize that I cannot ignore my own advantages and disadvantages because of life. When I leave, I feel inspired and motivated. To meet a better self, I need to clearly set my goals, maintain a positive mindset and behavioral habits. This process is tortuous and difficult. As long as I believe in my potential and pay to embark on this "journey," I can surpass myself, meet a better self, and become a better self.


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