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Eglobal Chassis Supply Chain for Mini Computer

In the present era of continuous integration of technology and innovation, Shenzhen Eglobal has invested in establishing Fuheyuan Hardware Products Factory in 2024 to consolidate the chassis supply chain for mini computers. This move aims to not only reduce production costs but also provide users with rapid and differentiated customization services. The two companies will further carry out multi-level, multi-form, and multi-field cooperation to achieve the organic combination and optimal allocation of enterprise resources, creating a promising future. 

As one of the globally renowned brands of mini computers, Coral Jiang, General Manager of Eglobal Mini Computers, stated that the company will always adhere to the design concept of "safety, science, rationality, and effectiveness," and uphold the brand service tenet of "professionalism, efficiency, and reliability." The company is committed to providing one-on-one services and sales for mini computers, enabling more offices to free up more space!

Dongguan Fuheyuan Hardware Products Factory will fully cooperate with the key upgrades of Eglobal mini computer products and optimize the product appearance design. By closely collaborating with industry, academia, research, and other parties, it will promote Eglobal to make more breakthroughs in the design aesthetics of mini computer appearance, ultimately achieving a new situation of multi-win development in the industry and benefiting more users.

After considering various aspects, Eglobal Mini Computers has established its own chassis supply chain. Over the past 15 years, the company's business has grown steadily. It will increase investment in the appearance of mini computer chassis to differentiate itself from competitors and enhance its competitiveness. Fuheyuan Hardware Products Factory has a mature manufacturing and R&D scale system, including CNC production workshops, laser engraving workshops, quality inspection, etc. Its business types are extensive, including aluminum stamping parts/aluminum profiles/stainless steel shells and decorative parts for mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets/speakers, power banks, tablets, security, electronic dictionaries, etc., mini computer chassis, docking station shells, metal computer keyboards, power bank shells, digital hardware accessories, electronic product built-in structural parts, springs, terminals, brackets, etc.

    Dongguan Fuheyuan Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is located at No. 3 Hengtai Road, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It is a leader in the 3C hardware and digital appearance industry, providing first-class services to fully satisfy customers. The company independently develops and produces hardware products, and offers one-stop processing services such as aluminum profiles, stamping, stretching, polishing, sandblasting, wire drawing, brushing, etching, CNC, precision carving, turning, oxidation, electroplating, laser engraving, dispensing, and assembly. The company's philosophy is: integrity, efficiency, quality, humanity, and innovation.

Release Date: 06-19-2024 19:40:29 [Go back Menu]
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