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Counter Strike IV - CEO Awakening Road

Recently, Shenzhen Eglobal Import and Export Co., Limited. (EGLOBAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED), a global knowed brand, was invited to participate in the "Counter Strike IV - CEO Awakening Road" organized by Alibaba. Jiang Shan, the CEO of Eglobal, participated in this activity. This activity is not only a feast of knowledge, but also a sharing of market experience and a collision of future market trends. At the same time, it is also a spiritual baptism. Next, let us follow Jiang Shan's footsteps and feel her harvest and growth.

On the first day of the activity, Jiang Shan had friendly exchanges and experience sharing with many outstanding entrepreneurs in the hotel, and quickly got along with the team and divided the work. Eventually, she was elected as the political commissar and instructor of the second team of the Blue Army.

During the interaction, entrepreneurs conducted in-depth communication and discussion, and everyone deeply understood the importance of the team fighting towards a common goal with full combat effectiveness. They shared their combat feelings and experiences, and exchanged their insights and perspectives.

 After this discussion and exchange, Jiang Shan made many new friends and also learned about the new market situation in the e-commerce industry, opening up new horizons and deeply understanding the core elements and improvement methods of leadership, which will bring new opportunities for the future development of Eglobal.

On the second and third days, Jiang Shan participated in the hiking activity, following the winding mountain road and passing through the dense forest. Along the way, she worked with her teammates in the rain and wind, each exerting their own advantages. Although there were failures, they were not discouraged. Relying on their physical strength and will, they finally overcame various difficulties and reached the destination.

Although the journey was quite difficult and everyone was very tired, being able to personally experience the magical workmanship of nature, the scenery and air all have a unique freshness. Nature makes people in awe, which is another side that cannot be seen in the city. Jiang Shan always maintained a firm belief and an optimistic attitude, and once again deeply realized that the body is the capital of revolution, and life lies in movement, which makes people more energetic! At the same time, she also learned how to remain calm and tenacious in thedifficult tenacious of combat.

On the fourth day, Jiang Shan visited the Jinggangshan Museum. Jinggangshan is the cradle of the Chinese revolution and witnessed the heroic deeds of countless revolutionary martyrs. As a member of the Communist Party of China, Jiang Shan used to have asuperficial understanding of the Jinggangshan Spirit, but now, in her thirties, she has deeply felt the red spirit through on-site in-depth combat-style exercises and the in-depth interpretation of the museum guide. She has a deeper understanding of the Jinggangshan Spirit and has firm up her beliefs and pursuits. It is believed that Jiang Shan will apply the four points of the Jinggangshan Spirit in the company, family, interpersonal relationships, etc.: firm belief, hard work, seeking truth from facts, and relying on the masses.

After the counter-strike exercise ended, Jiang Shan and the entrepreneurs gathered together to share their experiences and feelings about this activity. They talked about the future and  jointly seek development, enhancing the friendship and trust among each other.

This is Jiang Shan's second participation in the counter-strike activity. As the political commissar of the second team of the Blue Army, she also participated in the "Counter Strike II - Super Leader Growth Camp" before. As the CEO of Eglobal, Jiang Shan shared without reservation in an interview with Alibaba how she used mini PCs to break through in the 3C industry and achieve great success; she also talked about the difficult journey of the company; at the same time, Jiang Shan pointed out that we should keep reading and learning, learn what we do, and make ourselves experts in our field. Only in this way can we have the ease and confidence at work, and achieve great things and achieve great results. Eglobal's main business is a subdivision of 3C electronic products, namely mini PC Computer . The goal has always been to integrate industry and trade. Our products are mini PCs that make people's online office more convenient and energy-saving. Our vision is to hope that everyone has an EGLOBAL mini PC, and let Chinese "intelligent" manufacturing shine. Jiang Shan wishes to become an excellent, benevolent, and altruistic female entrepreneur.

 In the future, Jiang Shan will implement the company's corporate culture of "integrity, people, sharing, and win-win, quality, and innovation", and lead Shenzhen Eglobal Technology Co., Ltd. to continuously strengthen the pace of technological innovation and develop more excellent and high-quality mini PC products, making the enterprise "small but beautiful" and sustainable.

Release Date: 05-14-2024 16:01:11 [Go back Menu]
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