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Eglobal Sales Team Group Construction Tour
Shenzhen Eglobal Import&Export Co., Ltd. Which is a company majored in different kinds of Mini PC Computer, has reached a critical stage in its development. In order to further enhance employees' feelings and deepen understanding of each other, this group construction activity is specially held to promote employee communication, improve employees' team awareness, and further promote the overall construction and development of the team, so as to Make comprehensive preparations for the sales target at the end of the year.
A total of 21 people participated in the team building activities at “Jiaochangwei” In Shenzhen. Safety first, solidarity, mutual help, civilized travel! Have a fun trip! Beauties take a good mood to enjoy the beautiful scenery!

On November 8, 2022, from 10:00 to 10:30, We gathered at Chang'an Building and set out to Jiaochangwei. Everyone gathered on time and could feel that everyone has a strong sense of time. it was Arrived Jiaochangwei about 12:20. We enjoyed lunch at the sea blue seafood restaurant . The lunch process was pleasant, not only because of the delicious lunch, but also because after lunch, we could go to the seaside to play together after putting our luggage away.

The time passed very quickly. It was 18:30 dinner time soon. We were having a barbecue in the villa for dinner. It was time to show our respective barbecue abilities. Looking at the smiles on everyone's faces, We could felt that the group building was very successful. The relaxation was to better adapt to the pressure at the end of the year. After the barbecue, we have free activities in the evening. We can play cards, mahjong, games, billiards, etc.
The gap between the fingers is very wide and the time is too thin. Time slip away quietly from the gap between the fingers, and soon the next day. After relaxing last night, considering that some colleagues may sleep late, we decided to sleep in the morning until everyone wake up naturally. Of course, if the weather is good, those who wake up early can go to the seaside to see the sunrise by themselves.

At about 11:50 at noon, we arranged to have lunch together, and then entered the second half of the group construction. At 14:00, we expanded the activities CS Immortal, Secret Escape, and Kart. These are three activities that not only cultivate team ability, but also focus on personal ability. They are thrilling and exciting activities that can understand the team's personality, advantages and disadvantages.

 As we have enough time after the activity, We gone to the nearby ancient city or Yangmeikeng for a walk and then return.
This group building not only let us gain a good mood, but also appropriately relax , Everyone have a good feeling to meet the rest working time in this year.
This time, the Group construction activity has a deep feeling: "The one who reaches the goal can help the world". This time, the construction activity is not only to relax and decompress, but also to draw in the feelings between teams, and support and help each other more. There is no perfect individual, only perfect team. A person's strength will be limited, and it is inevitable that he will encounter some problems in his work. If he can do his work well and help his partners around him, he will not only improve himself, but also gain a sincere friendship and create a good atmosphere for the company

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