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Take you into the Eglobal Mini PC Factory
EGLOBAL Mini PC factory integrates R&D, production and sales. In 2009, the Hong Kong company EGLOBAL TECHNOLOGY LIMITED was established. After more than ten years of development, the EGLOBAL Mini PC factory has settled in Dongguan, with an area of 2,400 square meters and Sales Office still located in Shenzhen .in nowadays , Mini PC computers are widely used . Exquisite and compact design, more beautiful and space-saving; All-aluminum alloy shell, reducing the radiation of the host, giving users a healthier environment; Achieve a low noise solution.

Eglobal mini PC factory is a strict production line
In eglobal's mini PC factory, Technical people assemble motherboard components and casings to ensure a certain speed while maintaining quality. After the installation is complete, the technical engineer of the microcomputer will test the performance of the relevant system.

A secondary inspection is then performed on a dedicated inspection line. The mini PC computer successfully passed the two-layer inspection and became a qualified product, which can be sold and used. Our eglobal mini pc factory will put the qualified products on the finished shelf, waiting for customers to place their orders, and send them out directly through international logistics companies.

Display of eglobal mini PC factory warehouse
The sample units, raw materials, finished products and other warehouses of the eglobal mini pc factory are all stored in a three-dimensional shelf structure, which effectively utilizes the space and increases the usable area by nearly 4 times. In this way, the expanded storage capacity of the mini computer is improved, the delivery efficiency is improved, and the work intensity of the workers is reduced.

OEM and ODM services provided by eglobal mini computer factory
Each of our mini PCs will have our own brand engraved on the PC case, each box is a white packing small box packed with Kraft carton, the logo label is affixed to the box. The eglobal mini computer factory can also make the eglobal logo in the boot interface, and display the eglobal logo when the eglobal mini computer turn on.

Our mini PC factory has the expertise and experience to build your own brand:
- Engrave your logo on the alloy casing of the mini computer;
- The label of the mini computer is printed on the bottom plate of the mini computer, or 3 stickers of labels are printed (on the bottom plate of the mini computer, on the box, on the carton);
-Affix your logo sticker to the box of the mini computer;
- Design and customize your own mini computer packaging box;
- Design and print a brief user manual with your company logo and information;
- Customize "thank you letter" clear cloth as a gift if needed;
-Use our film machine to seal the film on the box.

Refined and Sturdy Packaging by eglobal's Mini PC Factory:
eglobal's mini PC factory has people who specialize in packaging mini-computers, and usually use white airplane boxes to package mini-computers. Pack the mini computer and its accessories, then use the Kraft carton for secondary packaging, and then use the film machine to seal the outer box of the mini computer by hand to ensure that the product is not affected by dust, not easy to steal, and not damaged in transit.

Delivery service provided by eglobal mini pc factory:
eglobal mini pc factory will send mini pc directly to any ship-address you specify if you are an electronics company trader. It makes business easier and more convenient. eglobal mini pc factory is not only willing to be your supplier, but also your partner, your freight forwarder, your designer, your warehouse and your service.

eglobal mini PC factory provides one-stop service
As a professional mini computer manufacturer, in order to provide customers with the best experience and service, our eglobal mini pc factory provides one-stop service.
eglobal mini [c factory can provide production monitoring and inspection services. Monitor the entire process of product production and testing in real time. Competitive pricing for different sizes of monitors, wireless keyboards and mice.
eglobal's mini PC pc can provide us with valuable customer procurement services. According to the different needs of customers, we will provide the best service and advice, so that customers can get the most satisfactory products.
In terms of product shipping, eglobal's mini pc factory chooses FEDEX express, so that customers can get products faster.


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