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The Mystery of Super Seller
The warm wind in May has already blown, and the cicadas in June are about to sound. From May 29 to 31, 2022, the learning activity of "The Mystery of Super Seller" organized by Alibaba will be held at the Yinxian Villa Hotel in Dongguan as scheduled. , Shenzhen Eglobal Import and Export Co., Ltd., as a world-renowned brand, was invited to participate in learning and sharing.

The 2022 "Mystery of Super Seller" is the ninth learning and sharing activity held by Alibaba. This learning activity will continue to adhere to the original intention of "developing enterprise specifications and layout", focusing on precise market positioning, product selection and expansion, and business growth. Implement planning, share the source and decomposition of performance growth and the supervision and incentives of process management, gain insight into the trend of cross-border e-commerce, and invite Baoan regional excellent business entrepreneur leaders to dream - win-win challenges to build a future business district.

Through the five cores of lean management, team building, platform winning, actual combat testing, and trend interpretation, the event will share experience, summarize experience, and discuss future market conditions and trends. There are also many well-known guests in the course to share and explain.
Coral Jiang, the general manager of the well-known mini computer brand "EGLOBAL", together with Klaus Li, the sales manager, shared the rising trend of the foreign trade market and analyzed the current market situation with an article "How to be the Top 1 in the segmented industry" based on the company. Telling about the shortcomings and advantages of the current market, how to go up against the market's adversity, and won the unanimous praise and recognition of everyone, Coral Jiang From Eglobal first shared the company's history. In 2009, the Hong Kong company "EGLOBAL TECH" was established, and in 2012, The first Alibaba account was opened. The 298 members of the international station have worked hard with the idea of ​​"if you do it, you can be the TOP 1 in the subdivision industry". In 2016, the EGLOBAL brand went overseas and became the gold seller of AliExpress. The sales volume in the computer category is higher than that of AliExpress. Samsung, ranked eighth in the world, In 2017, we opened the second alibaba account 298 member,, and move to Dongguan in 2022, with a factory area of ​​more than 2,400 square meters.

At the same time, the company was introduced. Shenzhen Eglobal Import and Export Co., Ltd. is a mini computer manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. It fully describes the company's product mini-computers are widely used and can directly replace bloated traditional desktop computers. Share the exquisite and compact appearance design of the company's products, low power consumption solutions, which can save electricity, protect the environment and reduce electricity costs; fanless design, realize low noise solutions.

The four factors of industry market, competitors, customer needs, and product scenarios have allowed itself to continuously improve and become the TOP1 brand one-stop service under the Mini PC category! With the goal that no one has what I have, we will be in the forefront of the industry. It has been well knowned by various companies, and finally won the first place in the "TOP ONE" team.

Release Date: 06-15-2022 18:44:22 [Go back Menu]
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