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Cross-border Entrepreneurship Competition
September 8, 2021 ,The third season of the Cross-Border Entrepreneur Competition hosted by Alibaba came to an end. The competition gathered a large number of outstanding cross-border entrepreneurs, and everyone seized the opportunity of the digital economy era, actively using digital technology, and took an important step to change their own situation. This competition is also inspiring more people to bravely challenge the society and achieve self-worth with practical actions. Shenzhen Eglobal Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to be a benchmark in the field of 3C electronics category mini PC. Coral, the marketing director of EGLOBA Mini PC, successfully shared how she used the mini PC to break through from the 3C industry as a pioneer in the international station, and she did well. . Eglobal Technology Co Ltd main 3C electronic sub-category, mini PC, has always been the integration of industry and trade. At the end of June 2020, we expanded the scale of the company. The factory was separated from the sales. The factory moved to Dongguan and the area was expanded to more than 2,400 square meters. In the competition, Coral successfully summarized and interpreted the company's corporate culture with "integrity of people, sharing and win-win, and quality innovation." After a fierce competition, Coral, the marketing director of EGLOBAL, combined with her own article "How to achieve 50 million from 0 in a year" to share the changes in foreign trade operation thinking from wide-spreading the net to the focus of fine business, and the management thinking from Buddhism to bowing into the game. Won the runner-up in the Baoan District 2021 Cross-border Entrepreneur Competition.
This competition was based on the spirit of friendship first and competition second. After the game, friendly exchanges were conducted in the audience, many new friends were made, new market conditions in the e-commerce industry were learned, and new horizons were opened up. This will have a positive impact on the future development of EGLOBAL. It will also bring new opportunities.
Coral is determined to let China's "smart" manufacturing shine, realize the brand going overseas, and make the EGLOBAL mini computer famous all over the world. Eglobal Technology Co., Ltd. is a mini computer manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. Mini computers are widely used and can directly replace bloated traditional desktop computers. The exquisite and compact design, put it in the bag, it is almost the size of a book, it does not take up space, and it is not very heavy. It saves space and is more tidy and beautiful. This is especially suitable for office use; all aluminum alloy shell, lower The host radiation, giving users a healthier environment; EGLOBAL mini computer adopts a low-power solution, a computer with a relatively large host consumes less energy per unit time, and its power consumption is less than 1/10 of that of a traditional computer, achieving energy saving and power saving; no fan Design, compared with the vibration of the large computer host CPU fan and the host hard disk, the mini computer host is very quiet and realizes a low-noise solution.
EGLOBAL has established cooperative relations with a number of large domestic and foreign companies, with more than 1,000 agents around the world, and agents in many countries around the world, customizing special mini computers for ODMs of well-known domestic and foreign companies, and the products are exported to the world.


Release Date: 09-15-2021 17:19:47 [Go back Menu]
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