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Top 7 advantages of thin client pc stations

Top 7 advantages of thin client pc stations


1.       Share your one computer with 20, 30 or even 100 more users

2.       More than 98% Computing cost saving:

l   Hardware: Most PC Station price between 25 to 50 USD, only around 10% of normal fat computer cost

l   Software: All station users share the same software with HOST, so only need to buy 1 suit software for HOST pc, if you share 10 users with one host, you will save 90% software cost, share 20 or 30 or even more users per host, you will save much more than 90%.

l   Energy cost: Station only cost less than 5W, compare to the 150W energy consumption, you can see how much it help you to save.

3.       Saving maintenance costs: Only need to mainten and update your HOST, all stations will auto update with HOST.

4.       No virus hurting: No saving place for pc station, no virus can hurt your computer.

5.       Full solid design, compact and reliable

6.       Smart design, put onto the backside of LCD display, take almost no space.

7.       Easy to use, everybody can learn to use it easily.

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